Lego Table

The Lego table is made from maple. I would have loved having this as a kid. One side of the top is Lego studs and the other a flat table top, so it can be flipped for whatever purpose you need. The side panels are actually solid maple, not plywood. I thought this would have been enough storage for all my kid's Legos, but I was wrong. They have way too many, and this Lego table stores a LOT of Legos. It's a fun piece of furniture and if you have kids like mine, they could put it to good use.

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Maple Coffee Table

This coffee table has a fingerprint reader to access a secret compartment. The concealed rear drawer is spacious enough for any number of valuables, while still allowing for a standard drawer. Made from solid maple, this cofee table makes for a useful and beautiful addition to your living room. 

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Other Tables

While we love creating custom, unique, and useful pieces, we also love creating simple pieces of furniture. From end tables to nightstands, we can create simple tables that add wonderful quality to your home. 

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