Our Wood Mizer LT 35 HD portable bandsaw mill features a 21 foot total log length capacity and up to 32in diameter with a max cant of 26 inches.  This mobile lumber mill is fitted with hydraulics to reduce the labor in loading and positioning logs.  This allows the mill to produce lumber more efficiently than manual bandsaw mill counterparts.  

Efinity Woodworks has cut thousands of board feet of cedar, fir, maple and other tree species using this mill.  WoodMizer is arguably the industry standard for transportable on-site lumber milling.  We provide saw milling services for the greater Snohomish county area and are ready to help you make usable lumber from downed trees that would otherwise be used for firewood or simply rot.  Take advantage of this unique service and see the benefits for yourself.

Gallery: Wood Mizer LT 35 HD
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