Efinity Woodworks offers three types of services: custom handmade furniture, lumber sales, and sawyer services.  This unique blend of services allows us to resource local trees that would likely be left to rot or used for firewood, and turn them into beautiful pieces of furniture that will last for many years to come. With each service, we offer professional craftsmanship and quality results. 

Custom Furniture

Whatever your project is, it is our goal to bring it to fruition.  All of our projects are handmade from our own plans, so everything is completely custom.  Lumber is locally resourced as much as possible and many times we harvest it ourselves.  We pride ourselves on exceeding our customer's expectations.

Mobile Sawyer Services

We own and operate a Wood-Mizer LT 35 Hydraulic portable bandsaw mill.  Wood-Mizer is arguably the industry leader in portable saw mills.  The LT 35 will handle a 32in diameter log up to 21 feet long.  From locally sourced trees we can produce slabs, nominal or dimensional undressed lumber.  Planing services for finished lumber is also available. 

For log diameters beyond 32 inches, we also have a portable chainsaw mill for log prep or larger slabs up to 65 inches in diameter.

Current pricing is $140/hr with a 4 hour minimum when on a customer site.

Lumber Sales

Western Washington has wonderful lumber resources.  We almost always have Maple, Red Alder, Douglas Fir, and Cedar on hand in various states of the drying process and finish quality; from rough sawn and green to dried and planed to 4S.  Generally there are a number of Maple slabs on hand as well in various widths, all generally over 6 feet in length. View our redwood slabs!

 Contact us for your woodwork needs. We're happy to work with you! 

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