Memorial Box

This was a custom project we made for some friends whose family member passed away. They wanted a circular box with a glass top that they could use to display important mementos. The top locks into place but is easily removable so you can add stuff inside. We're glad we could help create a beautiful remembrance of their beloved family member. 

Gallery: Memorial Box
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Cherry & Walnut Chest

I'm not sure if this technically qualifies as a chest. It's a cross between a foot locker and coffee table. The customer wanted something in the bedroom to store blankets and shoes. I really like how this cherry and walnut custom piece turned out. There are walnut butterfly joints that run all the way through (not just decorative). The hinges will support up to 40 pounds, so they won't drop down on your fingers. Overall, a wonderful custom wood "chest".

Gallery: Cherry Storage Bench
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