Mid-Century Modern TV Stand

This project actually started from a customer request to mill some recently felled cherry from their backyard. The client mentioned that he wanted to build something with the Rainier cherry wood since the tree meant a lot to them and they had to reluctantly have it cut down. Upon completing the milling job, Matt had noticed there weren't any tools in the client's garage when we passed through. We let the customer know that we also built custom furniture.

It wasn't soon after that the customer contacted us to build a mid-century modern television stand along with some floating shelves. The end result is one of our favorite projects to date featuring through mortise and tenon tapered base, and dovetail joints for the top, bottom, and sides. The cherry turned out beautifully and will hopefully bring the client fond memories for many years to come. 

Gallery: Mid century modern tv stand

Fireplace Mantel

We've designed and built different fireplace mantels for our clients. The top mantel is made from maple and features live edge that gives a natural, rugged look while adding personality. The bottom mantel, made from walnut, gives a more sleek and modern look. Both designs are timeless and accent each fireplace beautifully.

We craft each of our designs uniquely and purposefully with our clients in mind. Contact us today and let us give you the fireplace mantel you've always wanted. 

Gallery: Fireplace Mantle