At Efinity Woodworks, we pride ourselves on quality production and our custom made shelves, dressers, bedroom sets, and other pieces all reflect that. Each of our projects are designed, built, and finished using great attention to detail and professional craftsmanship. Here are a few of our featured items. These pieces were handcrafted and tailored to each of our clients' ideas. We're happy with how these beautiful projects turned out. 

Maple Coffee Table

This solid maple coffee table has quickly become one of our favorite creations to date. We love producing classic and authentic pieces, while adding unique and useful features. This coffee table has a fingerprint reader to access a secret compartment. The concealed rear drawer is spacious enough for any number of valuables, while still allowing for a standard drawer. 

Gallery: Coffee table
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Mid-Century Modern TV Stand

 This Mid-Century Modern T.V. stand is made from cherry and features through mortise and tenon tapered base, and dovetail joints for the top, bottom, and sides. This project was different from anything we've made so far. The end result was a beautifully crafted TV stand. We’re so happy with how this piece turned out and are glad we could turn our client’s ideas to reality.

Gallery: Mid century modern tv stand
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