Breakfast Nook

For this project, my customer wanted a breakfast nook that fit a specific area of her home. Storage was a serious concern and she wanted to maximize the amount of space under the seats and desk. I designed the table with a cabinet that matched the existing cabinets in the kitchen and made the most use possible for storage under the seating. The seat tops, table top, and trim detail is all black walnut.


Gallery: Breakfast Nook

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Coffee Racks

These are just a few of the custom coffee racks we've created for our customers. These coffee racks are a great way to add use and style to your wall space. We use our 3D printer to embed any of our preselected designs. Get your family, friends, and loved ones the perfect gift for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and more! 

Gallery: Coffee Racks
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Cutting Boards & Butcher Blocks

From cutting boards to butcher blocks, our handcrafted pieces add style and beauty to any home! We offer your choice of maple or walnut for cutting boards and butcher blocks. Between unique pieces such as butcher blocks, to furniture tops, we provide a wide variety of pieces for you to choose from and customize. We use oak for furniture tops.

Gallery: Cutting Boards
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