Our Mission

Efinity Woodworks, located in Snohomish County, strives to provide clients with high quality custom furniture. We work hard to ensure clients' requests are met and their expectations exceeded. Now, Efinity Woodworks is excited to announce their official company establishment. In addition to creating custom furniture, we also provide sawyer services. We own and operate an LT35 Hydraulic Portable Sawmill. Whether log milling or creating excellent furnishings, Efinity Woodwork's goal remains the same: work with clients to provide them the best woodworking services that fit their needs. 

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Our History & Principles

What started as a challenge from my wife has turned into a business. We were shopping for bunk beds and, after seeing some of the prices, I told her that I could build one better for less (based upon my Junior High wood shop experience). A few weeks later, she asked me how it was coming. What I said as kind of a knee jerk reaction now became much more of a reality. Not one to back away from a challenge (my pride on the line), I started buying lumber and building a bunk bed. I found out quite a bit from that experience. First off, it isn't necessarily less expensive to build it yourself. Second, I really enjoyed the planning and building process. 

As my hobby became more involved, I realized that the price of lumber was really expensive. I had seen some videos on harvesting wood using an Alaskan chainsaw mill. Again, the thought was, I can save money by cutting my own wood! True, but it's a lot of work. I purchased a Stihl chainsaw and my wonderful wife, ever indulging my endeavors, purchased me a chainsaw mill for my birthday. I learned a lot about milling logs and nearly every nice weekend I was out cutting up lumber. 

After years of using the chainsaw mill with my good friend Matt Hooker, I started to realize, with his encouragement, that it would take years to process the fallen trees we had available to us. That prompted exploring portable band saw mills. After a significant process of evaluation, we settled on a Wood-Mizer hydraulic mill (much more mill than initially planned for).

Now several years later I've been able to take a hobby I truly enjoy and turn it into a business starting from the forest to fine furniture. Matt, who is more focused on sawyer services with the mill, and I have partnered together to provide a broader spectrum of services.  We look forward to working with you to turn your projects into a reality.

Mark DeLong (photo right) 

It all started for me when I had some maple trees that were leaning toward my house. Mark and I started talking one day and he mentioned safely bringing them down and using his Alaskan chain saw mill to get some good lumber out of the trees rather then letting them rot. As we began to use his equipment, we saw incredibly beautiful pieces of wood being produced. We both saw the potential of this wood and my mind started to ponder the possibilities. With that American entrepreneurial spirit stirring, I suggested to Mark, "What do you think about doing a small business producing wood products?"  I already knew he was producing some of the finest quality wood furniture in Snohomish, but I was leaning towards the sawyer services side. So, I kept bugging Mark to think about the prospects.

In the meantime, I had asked my wife, Bobbi, what she thought about using a little bit of money to start a small wood working venture with Mark.  She said she would pray about it and consider it. The very next day she said, "Knowing Mark, your work ethic and desire to succeed, let's do it!" Now if you know my wife, she absolutely abhors spending money like that. It makes her a little nauseous to spend any significant amount of money. To have the vote of confidence from her made me even more confident about joining Mark on this adventure.

Matthew Hooker (photo left)